Physical Testing (Aggregates, cement, concrete, soil, steel & rock)
Tensile test
Provision of a comprehensive range of tests to determine the physical properties of a large range of materials.
FT Laboratories full equipped testing laboratory provides a comprehensive testing service for construction and natural materials. All tests are carried out to relevant American, British, Chinese, European or Japanese standards.
Benefits of using FT's service
. Some of the tests are HOKLAS accredited as listed in HOKLAS Directory of accredited laboratories- see Qualifications section for links.
. FT undertakes some rare and specialist tests such as playground mat impact test and large shear box.
. FT’s calibration laboratory ensures that all testing equipment has up to date calibration certificates.
. Related services include: product tests, inspection and certification; chemical testing.
Triaxial test
Summary of soil tests:

Þ Atterberg limits
Þ California Bearing Ratio (CPR)
Þ Chemical tests
Þ Crosshole seismic test
Þ Compaction tests (Proctor)
Þ Consolidation (Rowe cell)
Þ Cone Penetrating Test (CPT Rig)
Þ Density—particle, bulk & dry
Þ Direct shear
Þ Moisture
Þ Particle size distribution
Þ Triaxial
Summary of  construction material tests:
Þ As per relevant rock/soil tests, plus:
Þ Crushing value
Þ Shell content
Þ Ten percent fines value
Bearing tests—Bridges
Þ As per relevant rock/soil tests, plus:
Þ Setting time
Þ Soundness
Þ As per relevant rock/soil tests, plus:
Þ Cube strength
Þ Flow
Þ Slump
Fibre reinforced polymer
Geotextiles & geosynthetics
Þ As per relevant rock/soil tests, plus:
Þ Bleeding & free expansion
Þ Flow

Joint Filler


Natural Stone

Technical Enquiry (rock, soil, construction material, special) :
Mr. Victor Lai
Tel: +852 2758 4861
Summary of rock tests:

Þ Abrasivity test
Þ Cerchar abrasivity index
Þ Chemical tests
Þ Compressive strength
Þ Density
Þ Direct shear
Þ Elastic moduli
Þ Point load
Þ Porosity
Þ Water content
Summary of steel tests (applicable to ferrous & non-ferrous metals):

Þ Bend tests
Þ Chemical tests
Þ Coating thickness
Þ Hardness test
Þ Impact test Charpy V & U notch
Þ Load test (normal & wedge)
Þ Ring crushing
Þ Tensile test
Summary of special tests:

Þ Playground mat impact test
Þ Paints & varnishes
Playground mat impact test