Our Services
Inspection & Testing Exellence
FT provides a broad spectrum of tests and services, many of which are HOKLAS / HKIA accredited. Please refer to the Qualifications section for links to the respective directories.
Anchor Monitoring
To provide services for the maintenance, repair and testing of ground anchors in accordance with BD & GEO requirements
Calibration Service
To validate the accuracy and compliance of testing and measurement equipment to international standards
Chemical & Environmental Testing
Provision of tests required for environmental baseline study and the on-going monitoring of environmental impact during site activities
Quality control tests to ensure the integrity and performance of foundations
Fracture and Failure Analysis
Detailed analysis of failed components to determine mode and cause of failure
Hong Kong Airport Authority (HKAA)
Provision of a Reclamation Data Management System (RDMS) for the 3RS Project and associated operation, maintenance and technical support services
Instrumentation—Geotechnical & Structural
The provision and installation of instruments together with long term monitoring solutions using the latest web-based and wireless technologies
Monitoring System of Rigid & Flexible Barrier at Hillsides
Design and provision of remote monitoring systems to study the deformation behavior of the flexible barrier during debris impact. -Instrumentation, including tripwires, tilt switches, tension links, force plates, tilt sensors, ultra-sonic sensors, video camera with flood light and data acquisition systems
MTRC 821 – Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC)
Monitoring a 3km long bore tunnel in Tai Kok Tsui area including underground water level monitoring, tunnel deformation monitoring.
Non-destructive Testing
Non-destructive tests (NDT) to determine the integrity and properties of concrete, metal and plastic components and structures
Physical Testing (Aggregates, cement, concrete, soil, steel & rock)
Provision of a comprehensive range of tests to determine the physical properties of a large range of materials
Product Tests, Inspection and Certification
Provision for accredited services for the inspection and certification of products and materials
Special Projects
Multi-disciplinary and high value contracts, Typically run as individual projects on site
Stonecutters Bridge Wind and Structural Health Monitoring System (WASHMS) Rectification (Highways Department)
Rectification of monitoring sensors to redevelop the display, processing, analysis and reporting software, to inspect the structural behavior during the bridge service life.
Structural Diagnostics and Utility Survey
Non-destructive and invasive techniques to determine the location of structural defects and utilities
Provision of engineering, hydrographic, topographic survey, and in particular the use of ADMS—(automatic deformation monitoring systems) to monitor structures and rail tracks
Three Runway System (3RS) Contract 3201 Provision of Geotechnical Testing Services - Hong Kong Airport Authority (HKAA)
Includes transportation, preparation, conditioning and testing Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) of Deep Cement Mix (DCM) samples
Three Runway System (3RS) Contract 3707 Provision of Geotechnical Testing Services
Provision of chemical & physical analysis on cement stabilized soil and re-fill materials for the 3RS project
Welder and Welding Procedure Qualifications
To provide professional services for the certification of welders and welding procedures.