Anchor Monitoring
Lift-off test for ground anchor
To provide services for the maintenance, repair and testing of ground anchors in accordance with GEO (Geotechnical Engineering Office) and BD (Buildings Department) requirements.
GEO and BD requirements impose a long-term monitoring and maintenance requirement on owners (private and Government) of ground anchors installed in slopes and retaining walls. To ensure the long term safety of slopes and retaining structures, depending on the type of anchor, monitoring may be required at 1, 2 or 5 yearly intervals.
Benefits of using FT's service:
. FT is currently the only company that can offer HOKLAS endorsed reports for anchor monitoring, thus ensuring the highest quality results giving peace of mind to the owner.
. FT’s engineers have many years of experience carrying out tests for private and Government clients.
. In conjunction with FT’s chemical laboratory, necessary tests of the anchor grease are carried out by the same team.
. In conjunction with FT’s calibration department, load cells can be repaired, replaced and calibrated.
. FT’s engineers have the experience to design and install remote monitoring systems for load cells.
Instrumented head of ground anchor
Summary of services:

Þ Calibration of anchor load cell (insitu)
Þ Lift-off test
Þ Pull-out test
Þ Shimming of anchors

Lift-off test
Technical Enquiry: Mr. CH Wong / Mr. Eric Ho
Tel: +852 2758 4861

Deputy Contact Person : Mr. LAI Wing Chun
Tel: +852 2758 4861