Koden (bell-out) test
Quality control tests to ensure the integrity and performance of foundations
FT Laboratories was the first company to provide PDA and CAPWAP testing in Hong Kong in 1979. Since then the foundation department has been at the forefront of foundation testing in Hong Kong.

FT offers a full range of tests for all types of foundations.
Benefits of using FT's service
. Tests conducted by an experienced team, some engineers with over 20 years of testing experience.
. Some of the tests are HOKLAS accredited as listed in HOKLAS Directory of accredited laboratories- see Qualifications section for links.
. Multi-jack load tests for Hong Kong’s tallest building (118 storey) to 46,000kN.
. FT has carried out foundation testing worldwide, with tests in Lebanon, UAE and Panama in the last couple of years.
          Sonic logging test
Test method with typical application:

Crosshole Sonic Tomonographic Survey

Dynamic Pile Test (PDA)

Pile Integrity Test (PIT)

Electromagnetic Test

Ground Movement Monitoring

Loading tests
Þ Constant Rate of Penetration Test
Þ Plate Loading
Þ Static Loading

Sonic Logging Tests
Þ Ultrasonic Crosshole Test
Þ Single-hole Test

Video Inspections
Þ Borehole
Þ Foundation Pile

Ultra Echo Sounder Test
Foundation types tested:

Þ Barrette

Þ Bored pile

Þ Cast-in-place pile

Þ Composite pile

Þ Diaphragm wall

Þ H–pile

Þ Jacking pile

Þ Mini pile

Þ Pakt-in-Place (PIP) pile

Þ Pipe pile

Þ Pre-bored H-pile

Þ Pre-stressed concrete pile (Daido)

Þ Sheet pile

               On-site testing
Multi-jack load test—for Hong Kong’s tallest building.
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