Physical Testing (Aggregates, cement, concrete, soil, steel & rock)
 Tensile test

Provision of a comprehensive range of tests to determine the physical properties of a large range of materials.

FT Laboratories full equipped testing laboratory provides a comprehensive testing service for construction and natural materials. All tests are carried out to relevant American, British, Chinese, European or Japanese standards.
Benefits of using FT's service

. Some of the tests are HOKLAS accredited as listed in HOKLAS Directory of accredited laboratories- see Qualifications section for links.
. FT undertakes some rare and specialist tests such as playground mat impact test and large shear box.
. FT’s calibration laboratory ensures that all testing equipment has up to date calibration certificates.
. Related services include: product tests, inspection and certification; chemical testing.
Triaxial test
Summary of soil tests:

Þ California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
Þ Chemical Tests
Þ Compaction Tests
Þ Compressive Strength
 . Cement Stabilised Soil
Þ Cone Penetrating Test
Þ Direct Shear Strength
Þ Density- Particle, Bulk & Dry
Þ GCO Probe Test
Þ Liquidity and Plasticity Index
Þ Particle Size Distribution
Þ Moisture Content
Þ Tri-axial Tests
Summary of  construction material tests:

Þ Adhesive
Þ Aggregates
Þ Anchorage
Þ Bridge Bearings
Þ Cement
Þ Coating
Þ Concrete
Þ Fibre reinforced polymers
Þ Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag (GGBS)
Þ Grout
Þ Metallic Materials
Þ Mortar
Þ Plaster
Þ Pulverized fuel ash
Þ Render
Þ Tiles
Þ Welds
Summary of rock tests:

Þ Compression Strength
Þ Density
Þ Direct Shear Strength
Þ Dimension and Shape Tolerances
Þ Ground Anchor Lift-off Test
Þ Point Load Strength
Þ Porosity
Þ Water Content
Summary of steel tests (applicable to ferrous & non-ferrous metals):

Þ Bend and Re-bend tests
Þ Chemical tests
Þ Coating thickness
Þ Fracture tests
Þ Hardness tests (Brinell ,Rockwell & Vickers)
Þ Impact tests (Charpy V - notch)
Þ Load tests
Þ Tensile tests
Summary of special tests:

Þ Playground mat impact test
Þ Paints & varnishes

Playground mat impact test
Automated Sample Preparation

Bending Machine with RFID reader
DCM UCS Sample Preparation

Electromechanical UTM and Hardness Tester for Testing in Smaller Scale

Radiation Monitoring

RT on fuel pipeline

Tensile Testing

Technical Enquiry (rock, soil, construction material, special) :
Mr. HO Tak Cho / Mr. Ray Lam / Mr. CHOI Wai Lee
Tel: +852 2758 4861

Deputy Contact Person :
Mr. LAI Wing Chun
Tel: +852 2758 4861

Technical Enquiry (steel):
Mr. Leo Mak
Tel: +852 2758 4861