Three Runway System (3RS) Contract 3707 Provision of Geotechnical Testing Services
Client:Hong Kong Airport Authority

Scope of works:

Under this 4-year contract, our services include:

Þ Construction and operation of a laboratory in Hong Kong Unified Dockyards Building at Tsing Yi for Hong Kong Airport Authority;
Þ Provision of a real time test flow control system for test and report flow monitoring;
Þ Provision of chemical and physical tests on cement/cement stabilized soil

For further enquiries, please contact:
Mr. Ray Lam
Tel: +852 2758 4861

Mr. LAI Wing Chun
Tel: +852 2758 4861

Chemical tests include:

Þ Silica content
Þ Total calcium oxide content
Þ Alumina content
Þ Iron oxide content
Þ Magnesia content
Þ Potassium oxide content
Þ Sodium oxide content
Þ Chloride Content
Þ Loss-on-ignition
Þ Sulphate content
Þ Residue insoluble content
Physical tests include:

Þ Fineness test
Þ Density test
Þ Flexural strength test
Þ Compressive strength test
Þ Standard consistence test
Þ Setting time test
Þ Soundness test
Þ Unconfined compressive strength on cement stabilized soil