Structural Diagnostics and Utility Survey
Radar survey of ducts
Non-destructive and invasive techniques to determine the location of defects in structures. Similar techniques are applied to utility detection.
FT can draw upon its NDT and chemical testing laboratories to provide a comprehensive suite of tests to evaluate the condition of structures.

Tests are typically applied to evaluate the condition of concrete by determining its thickness and locating any voids, ducts and reinforcing bars.
Benefits of using FT's service
. FT's tests such as Impact Echo and radar survey (GPR) allow one-sided testing, therefore access to both sides of a structural member is not required.
. Some of the tests are HOKLAS accredited as listed in HOKLAS Directory of accredited laboratories- see Qualifications section for links.
. FT is able to offer a choice of 3no antenna for Ground Penetrating Radar. The correct choice of radar is essential for a successful investigation.
. Related services - NDT and Survey.
Impact Echo thickness measurement of floor
Scope of work of Structural Inspection Unit

Þ Impact Absorbing Playground Surface
Þ Determination of Resistance to Abrasive Wear
Þ Determination of Resistance to Identation
Þ Determination of Ease of Ignition
Þ Determination of Slip Resistance
Þ Impact Attenuating Playground Surfacing
Þ Impact Absorbing Playground Surfacing- Tensile Properties
Þ Temperature Monitoring for Concrete Structure
Þ Concrete testing - Covermeter survey of Reinforced Concrete
Þ Surface Hardness Testing by Rebound Hammer (BS1881:Part202:1986)
Þ Rebound Hammer Test (BS EN 12504-2:2001)
Þ Tensile Proof Load Test on Anchor Bolt in the force eange 1kN to 100kN
Þ Tensile Proof Load Test on Anchor Bolt ( 1 to 1000kN)
Þ Determination of Carbonation Depth in Concrete
Þ Pull-Off Test on Adhesive ( Adhesive )
Þ Pull-Off Test on Coating ( Adhesive )
Þ Pull-Off Test on Mortar ( Adhesive )
Þ Pull-Off Test on Plaster ( Adhesive )
Þ Pull-Off Test on Render
Þ Pull-Off Test on Tile by Coring Method
Þ Pull-Off Test on Tile by Saw-Cut Method
Þ Measurement of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity in Concrete BS 1881:Part 203:1986
Þ Half-cell Potenials Survey of Uncoated Reinforcing Steel in Concrete ASTM C876-91
Þ Determination of Tightening torque test of anchor bolts in the torque range 60Nm - 360Nm
Þ Determination of Resistance to Loading in Shear on Structural Fixing
Þ Determination of Fire Behavior of Building Materials and Elements
Þ Flexible Cellular Polymeric Materials – Determination of Stress-Strain Characteristics in Compression
Þ Surfaces for Sports Areas — Determination of Water Infiltration Rate
Þ Standard Test Method for Vicat Softening Temperature of Plastics
Þ Determination the Film Thickness
Þ Bulk Specific Gravity and Density of Non-Absorptive Compacted Bituminous Mixtures
Þ Concrete Resistivity Measurements
Þ Gelling Time of the Mix Component A + B
Þ Rebound Hammer Test (BS EN 12504-2:2012)
Þ Point Load Test
Impact Echo result
Utility Scan with GPR

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