Automatic deformation monitoring of KCRC tracks
Provision of cadastral, engineering, hydrographic and topographic survey, together with specialist ADMS (Automatic Deformation Monitoring Systems) to monitor structures and rail tracks.
FT is one of Hong Kong’s leading specialist in the use of ADMS to monitor structures and rail tracks—see Special Projects for examples.

FT’s ADMS system has been proven to be a safe and reliable means of monitoring rail track deformation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system provides real-time monitoring with and an automatic alarm notification service.
Benefits of using FT's service
. FT's survey team has a proven track record for the installation and monitoring of ADMS, with up to 9 theodolites operating simultaneously.
. FT's HOKLAS approved calibration facility ensures that all survey equipment is properly calibrated.
. FT is equipped with automatic theodolites, digital theodolites & levels and GPS/DGPS to meet your surveying needs.
Automatic / robotic theodolite on mast
Services offered include:
ADMS (real time monitoring)

Þ Using automatic or robotic theodolites
Þ See Video clip

Calibration Cadastral Survey

Þ Traditional survey methods

Hydrographic survey

Þ DGPS and echo sounding

Manual deformation monitoring

Þ Traditional survey and GPS

Setting out and as built surveys

Þ Traditional survey and GPS

Topographic survey

Þ Traditional survey and GPS
Survey Plan
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