Building Diagnostic

Structural Investigation Test

Our team can carry out Structural Investigation testing to evaluate the condition of concrete and structural steel members, by determining its thickness and detecting any void or corrosion. We use a non-destructive and non- invasive technique to identify the location of a defect in any structures.

Infrared Thermography Inspection

Thanks to a highly qualified and well-trained team, we can carry out thermography inspections to identify any possible defect areas on the structure. To achieve this, we use a non-contact type and highly sensitive infrared thermometer.

Playground Equipment Test

FT Laboratories provides an expert, professional inspection and monitoring of the safety of playground equipment in schools, kindergartens as well as public and private structures. Our team can identify the possible hazards and offer key recommandations on the proper maintenance.

Structural Fixing Test

With Structural Fixing Tests, our engineering team can determine the tensile proof load of the structural fixing material, using a calibrated instrument that provides an accurate and reliable result, in line with the standard requirement and Building Department submission.

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